Design and construction of
technology for
productivity of your company

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Design and construction of technology for your company's productivity
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We create effective solutions based on innovative technologies and professional designs.


Safe Energy

Power quality and reliability are the foundation of any technology investment. From uninterruptible power supplies UPS to sophisticated monitoring.


Safe Connectivity

We make your information flow safely and reliably through networks and systems built to the highest standards.


Electronic Security

The best ally for the safety of people and their property. Technology is your best ally in the challenge of physical security.


Safe Information

Information protected against loss.


94% of our clients say they would recommend our work.


91% of our projects are completed in the estimated time.


75% of our team has more than one internationally recognized certification.


42% of our project clients belong to the industry segment.

29 MAY

IoT: New Business Models

Find out about the most used models in the industry for connected devices, we will share a workshop on the configuration and commissioning of a business network. Guayaquil, Auditorio de la FIEC-ESPOL, Jornada de Telecomunicaciones TELTEC 2019, 11:00.


Flash NetApp

Increasing performance with Flash NetApp solutions. Accelerate your business performance without compromising efficiency, reliability, or flexibility of IT operations. Guayaquil, Hotel Sonesta, Salón Arrecife, 9:00.



To increase the

security and reliability

in your company


We create effective solutions based
in innovative technologies and
professional designs.

Risk Management

Identification, quantification / qualification, prioritization; problem solving, for your company


Productivity oriented Balanced time-risk Adding value to your business


Our experience in digital transformation and innovation will help maximize the income

Vision in Safe Energy

Energy is the foundation of the information age.

Our goal is to guarantee the infallible supply of energy for all technological equipment.

  • Efficient Datacenter
  • Modular systems
  • Ground Protections
  • Innovation for savings

Efficient cooling

40% to 60% of the cost of energy in a data center corresponds to cooling.

Uninterrupted Power

The best technology available ensures that your business does not stand still.

Proactive Monitoring

Monitor every critical piece of equipment, every variable that can affect the availability of the system.

Smart design

Careful design allows you to balance your budget without sacrificing reliability.

Vision in Electronic Security

The best ally for the safety of people and their property.

Our goal is to protect assets and people with the use of technologies.

  • Systems Integration
  • Durability
  • Standards and Compliance
  • Future Scaling
  • Guarantee interoperability

Video Surveilance

From conventional systems to video analytics with reliable storage.

Access and Intrusion

Full control of your systems on console or mobile.

Fire Supression

Green solutions guaranteed for life.

Fire Detection

Early and reliable detection over time. Protect life and precious goods.

Security Integration

A centralized control ensures the proper response.

Design Consulting

Compliance with laws and regulations with a fair investment depends on adequate detailed engineering.

Vision in Secure Connectivity

Your information Information flowing reliably over time.
Our goal is to ensure the flow of information reliably and efficiently over time.

  • Reliability
  • CAPEX vs OPEX*
  • Interoperability.

Cabling and Fiber Optic

It involves only 5% of the investment, but prevents 90% of the problems

Switching & Routing

Equipment guaranteed for life, stress-free solutions.

Wifi & Bluetooth

Strategic part of the productive and industrial processes.

Network Apppliance

Customer loyalty, analytics, asset control and traceability.

Secure Information Vision

Information protected against loss.

Our goal is to guarantee the security of the information and its protection against any threat that compromises its integrity.

  • Private / Hybrid Cloud
  • Non-disruptive operations
  • Simple Management


Guarantee reliability and efficiency by combining On Cloud and On Premise.


Get the most efficient use of: space, energy and cooling. Obtain the highest performance, with the best service.

Logic Security

World-class ransomware and malware protection from Cisco Thalos.


Fully integrable with your existing infrastructure, implementing it where it generates greater value for the company.

We are Certified Partners

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